About us

A brief history of Lincolnshire branch SRP

The founding of the Lincolnshire branch of the Society of Recorder Players originated from an organisation known as Lincoln Music Workshop. This workshop was formed in 1965 as a response to the scarcity of musical events in Lincoln and was founded by
Stella Laws (later Mrs. Philip Parish). A series of monthly Saturday evening concerts were organised. These events were initially held at St. Mary le Wigford church hall in Lincoln and latterly at the Lincolnshire WEA.

Meetings are held monthly.
The subscription is nominal
£1 or £1:75 for a married couple
( Quote from original flyer)

Both professional and amateur musicians performed without fee. Sometimes guest musicians were invited. At other times the membership formed choirs, instrumental ensembles or supported soloists. Many interesting and entertaining musical evenings were enjoyed at the workshop.

Some folks sang opera
Some G and S
Some from a cantata
Others far less
Sometimes we all joined in
Sang chorus-is
Or wracked our brains to solve
Somebodies quiz
(Quote from poem by Pamela Goss called ‘Birthday’)

It was out of this enthusiastic environment that a group of recorder players began to meet led by Anne Ward. They became known as the Lincoln Music Workshop Recorder Group. They began playing in the early 70s. During the next few years, under the leadership of Anne Ward, their playing grew stronger. It was decided to open the group further for the public and make application for membership of the national Society of Recorder Players.

Fliers Flew Forth….

….as a result an inaugural meeting was held at Bishop Grosseteste teacher training college in Lincoln. Attendance was excellent and, even at this early stage, recorder music was on sale. Monthly meetings were held and the group was accepted as a branch of SRP.
Now, 30 plus years later, we are still playing, performing, publishing, arranging and some of us are even conducting.  We continue to enjoy playing together and occasionally join other musicians to perform in the community. We are always pleased to welcome new members. As members of SRP in 2018 we wish to say ‘thank you’ to our former musicians of 1965 for their encouragement and for their vision.

This history was compiled by Michael Bassett, an original member of Lincoln Music Workshop.