Recent Events

Concert at St Helen’s Church, Gate Burton, Gainsborough
Sunday, December 5th 2021 


This December our Lincolnshire Society of Recorder players were invited to give a concert in a rather remote church on the Gate Burton estate, in order to raise funds for their local group of churches.
18 of our members played and the church was quite well attended. The temperature was well below the desired warmth needed to manipulate a recorder.. but we battled on and managed to play for just over an hour.
Our programme began with a selection of Baroque music from the early period right through to the late. We opened with La Speranza from Handel’s collection of 92 operatic arias of the period and ended with a couple of movements from W Boyce’s Symphony no 4 in F. arranged by one of our players. Separating these two performances was a performance of pieces by Torelli and Quagliati : Countrapuntal and canonic pieces demonstrating Baroque texture and harmonic progression. These pieces were superbly performed by four of our members who had been playing as a quartet since the lockdown began.
So far we had not used the descant recorder at all in our performance repertoire…so it was time for a demonstration of all the full range of instruments which the group were playing. This began with the Garklein and ended with the Contrabass. The audience were really interested and this interlude engendered good rapport between the listeners and the performers.
Congregational carols were accompanied on the organ by one of our members and were interspersed with our musical items. Despite covid..and mask wearing..the singing was hearty.
We continued the programme with ‘Bist Du Bei Mir’ from Bach’s Anna Magdalena collection. This again, was arranged for lower instrumental Trio and organ, by one of our players,. We performed this from the organ loft situated over the west end which was very atmospheric. We continued with two French Carols and a rendition of‘ In Dulci Jubilo’ arranged for two choirs.
The star performance of the evening then came in the form of a solo from Caroline. A brilliant and spirited rendition of Czardas by V Monti. Caroline played to us without referring to her music which enabled her to move around and perform with gusto and drama. The audience were generous in their applause, which Caroline richly deserved.
After a romp through A Lewin’s arrangement of ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, we ended the concert with everyone singing Silent Night in the candlelight.
Mince pies, nibbles and drinks were served in the church encouraging everyone to head home in good spirits.


Pastoral Visit by Annemarie Klein, 4th May 2019

Annemarie’s playing day also happened to coincide with the Lincoln SRP branch 40th anniversary. Details of music played are elsewhere on this site.

The day was a great success with Annemarie helping us to explore a wide range of music.


St Mary-le-Wigford Lincoln

Sat.8th Sept. 2018

ST Mary le Wigford

On Sat. 8th Sept .the Lincolnshire SRP Branch gave a 50 minute programme of varied recorder music in St Mary’s church in the city centre. The Heritage Music Festival was launched several years ago in an effort to promote an interest in the heritage of our churches. Both volunteer groups and individuals produce music and displays of arts and crafts during the first two weekends in September. These venues and events are free to visit and are most inspiring.

The Lincolnshire Branch has been involved with this movement for several years now. Each time we perform we try to vary our programme. The performance seems to get stronger each year.

Our programme opened with music from W Boyce’s symphony No4. Followed by a Dieitrich Becker Suite with harpsichord continuo. The romanticists among us enjoyed playing the Adagietto from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne and the modernists, movts. 1 3 & 5 from P Warlock’s Capriol Suite.

This year we also enjoyed duets, solos and a bass quintet from our players …and it was evident, when these groups performed, that lots of practice had been put in behind the scenes!

Congratulations to all who performed.